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Thanksgiving Part 3

Title: Thanksgiving (3/4)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The first in the Thanksgiving verse. Jack tries to have the perfect Thanksgiving with his daughter but when Chloe gets drunk and Chase has to come over and help her, it ends up being a very different Thanksgiving then the one they planned.

“We’re having a baby,” Chloe murmured.

“Yes,” Jack agreed happily, “we are.” His arms were wrapped around her, holding her to his chest in their bed. He placed a tender kiss on her shoulder.

“How’s Kim,” she asked, rolling onto her back and threading her fingers through his hair.

“I think she’s adjusting,” he sighed.

“I think she’s lonely.”

“Chloe, it’s sweet that you’re worried about her, but she’d want you to be worried about yourself and taking care of the baby.”

“Chase misses her.”

“Chase broke her heart,” he said tersely. “I know that he’s your best friend. I know that you love him and he loves you and he’d do anything for you and for that I’m grateful, but he was a bastard, he left her and broke her heart and I am not going to encourage her to go back to a man who do that to her.”

“He loves her and he’s not the only one who screwed things up,” Chloe protested.

“Maybe they were just bad for each other,” Jack said, attempting to make peace.

“What if they’d be better off together than they are now? I mean, wouldn’t you rather have Chase as a son-in-law than Barry?”

“I’m not going to choose a husband for her Chloe. I don’t think she’d like that very much. And she wouldn’t want us to ruin our night and our celebration by worrying about her love life.”

“Fine,” she muttered. “I’ll let it drop. I would just like to point out that I am the one who has to pregnant here, and throw up all the time, and get fat, and then have an actual tiny person come out of my body, so you could let me win an argument once in a while.”

“Is he kicking again,” Chase asked, watching the surprised expression on Chloe’s face.

She nodded.

Chase pressed his hand over her swollen stomach and laughed.

“I got it,” he said quickly when the door bell buzzed.

“I hope it’s my food,” she called after him.

“I just fed you,” he tossed back. “You’re not starving. And you better tell your husband I’ve kept you very well fed.”

He was still chuckling when he opened the door.

“Kimmie,” he said softly.

“Oh. Hi,” she said, her face flushing. “I just…I came to check on Chloe. I thought with my dad being out of town…I just wanted to make sure she’s okay but I should have known…I mean, of course you’re here. So…just tell her I stopped by to see how she was doing.” She turned to go.

“Kim wait,” he said, grabbing her arm before she could run.

“Chase, it’s fine, really, I just wanted to make sure she didn’t need anything. You’re here, she’s fine, I’ll go.”

“I don’t want you to have to feel like you have to run off whenever I’m here. It’s going to be complicated, when the baby’s born, he’ll be your brother, and you’ll want to be here, and I will too, so it would be best if we could find a way to make this work.”

“Daddy,” a small voice asked, as a little dark haired girl appeared a Chase’s legs.

“Angela,” Kim whispered.

The little girl blinked and stared at Kim. “Are you coming to the park with us?”

Kim shook her head slowly, blinking away tears, “No, no I have to go.”

“Daddy,” Angela pleaded, “I want Mommy Kimmie to come to the park with me.”

Kim stared at the little girl. “I can only come and play for a little while,” she whispered.

“Yay,” Angela exclaimed, clapping. She pushed past her father and wrapped her arms around Kim’s legs.

“You’re doing great Mrs. Bauer,” the nurse said encouragingly.

“Shut up,” Chloe growled. “My name’s O’Brian.”

“We’re not married,” Jack offered, squeezing Chloe’s hand.

“You shut up too,” she snapped. “I’m trying to have a baby here!”

“His head’s almost out,” Chase informed her.

Chloe twisted his fingers. “You aren’t supposed to be looking! You’re supposed to stand there and hold my hand and make me calm.”

“We passed calm about the time your water broke, darlin’,” he murmured. “But that doesn’t matter now cause your baby’s almost here.”

Chloe’s guttural screams filled the room and Kim pressed herself into the corner, trying to stay out of the way. She didn’t even know why she was there, she certainly wasn’t helping Chloe. She figured Chloe only asked her to be nice or because Jack wanted her there for some reason, and she couldn’t ever figure out a polite way to decline, so instead she was stuck there, trying to block it all out. Which was impossible, because Chloe had been screaming for hours. Not that Kim blamed her, because the whole experience looked deeply unpleasant.

Kim wasn’t sure how much time passed or exactly how many times the doctor promised Chloe that she’d have the baby in a few more pushes before he was actually finally born, his screams piercing the room.

She watched transfixed. From her spot she could see everything, her father cutting the cord and placing the squalling baby on Chloe’s chest, kissing her forehead proudly at they both stared at their son.

“Come meet your brother,” Jack urged.

Suddenly the room felt too small and she was dizzy, almost faint, and felt like she couldn’t breathe, a vague sort of panic enveloping her.

“I think I’m getting sick,” she said weakly before she fled the room, not even caring about the lame excuse.

She somehow managed to blindly find the stairwell at the end of the hallway and push the door open, flying down the stairs and trying to blink away the tears that clouded her vision. She started to stumble when she felt a pair of strong arms reach out and grab her and she was hauled against a warm chest.

“Shh,” Chase soothed. “Shh. It’s okay Kimmie,” he murmured as he combed through her hair. “It’s all gonna be okay.”

She started sobbing, clinging to him as her body shook.

“You’re okay,” he assured her. “I’ve got you.”

His shirt was soaked with her tears when she finally pulled away, attempting to get her breathing under control.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“You’re fine.”

“My dad”

“Still remembers that you used to pass out when you saw blood. I told him I’d make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” she said, noticing that his hand was still at her back. “You can go back in there.”

“I’m trying to give them a little family time. And don’t pretend you’re fine Kimmie. You can pretend in front of everybody else, but not me.”

She spun around, facing him and crashed her lips into his, his mouth opening in surprise at the motion and giving her a chance to forcer her tongue inside. His hair was longer than when they’d been together, curly, and her fingers twisted in it as she kissed him desperately, pushing him backwards until they were against the wall.

She was finally forced to pull back, her head resting on his shoulder as she gasp for air, her hands on his arms, pulling at him.

“What are you doing,” he gasped.

“Please,” she pleaded desperately, “please, please don’t say no.”

“Kimmie,” he murmured, cradling her face in his hands, “you don’t want this. Not like this anyway.”

“Chase, please,” she begged, tugging his shirt off. “Please, I need this.”

“Are you sure this is what you want,” he asked as her fingers moved to his pants, pushing them down along with his underwear. “Kimmie this is wrong,” he groaned as she took him in her hand and started stroking.

“Please stop talking,” she whispered before kissing him roughly again. She let go of him and pulled at her own clothing, tearing it all off of her body before pressing against him. She wrapped her legs around him, her arms on his shoulders holding her body as she positioned herself and then she was sliding onto him.

His hands came around to cup her ass, holding her up as she rocked against him, her movements erratic. Within minutes she was bucking wildly, her teeth pulling at his lips as her body clenched tightly around him and she sagged in his arms. She opened her eyes when the heat splashed inside of her, staring at him for a minute before disentangling herself from him and grabbing her clothes.

“Kimmie,” he murmured.

“I need to go. I have to take a shower,” she said as she pulled on her tshirt.

“Kim please.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, fleeing down the stairs.

Kim picked up the phone and put it back down for the fifteenth time that afternoon. She laid it in front of her on the coffee table where it stared at her accusingly. With a deep sigh she picked it up and dialed the number.

“Hello.” Chase’s voice was warm.

“Hi,” she whispered.


“I…I just. Chase.”

“Is something wrong?”

Kim took a deep breath. “I’m late. I just…thought I should tell you.”

He was silent for a moment. “Are you at home?”


“Give me half an hour.”

“Chase you don’t have to…”

“I’ll be there.”
An hour later she was letting him into her apartment before curling back up on the couch and staring dully at the space in front of her.

“I stopped the drugstore,” he said, setting a bag down in front of her. “You probably don’t need seventeen different kinds of pregnancy tests, but I didn’t know which ones were the good ones and which ones were crap, so I got them all.” He paced around the space in front of her.

“You’re making me nervous.”

“Sorry,” he sighed. He pulled a blanket over her thin shoulders. “It’s gonna be okay. How are you feeling?”


“Of what?”

She shrugged. “I want to have a baby Chase, I’m just not sure…we didn’t plan for this, we’re not ready for it.”

“It’ll all work out. Kimmie, I’ll do whatever you want, if you want to get married, we will, or you and the baby can come and live with me and Angela, or we can find a whole new place.”

“You don’t have to do any of that.”

“I love you,” he said simply. “I want all of that with you.”

“We’re not ready for any of that,” she said softly.

He shrugged. “Sometimes you just have to get ready.”

She picked up the bag and shifted through it. “I’ll be back,” she muttered, walking slowly down the hall and into the bathroom.

He waited for her, pacing around the room and glancing at the clock, getting more nervous with each minute that passed. Finally he couldn’t take it any more, couldn’t stand there and do nothing so he followed her, pushing the door open slowly.

Kim was sitting on the floor, one of the tests in her hands, tears falling steadily down her face.

“Oh Kimmie,” he said softly, sitting next to her and tugging her into his lap.

“I’m not pregnant,” she whispered. “I’m…it’s negative, they’re all negative.”

“You’ll have your baby,” he soothed. He lifted her up carefully and carried her to the bedroom, pulling back the blankets and placing her there before covering her, tucking her in tenderly and climbing on top of the bed to hold her.

“I don’t want to be alone any more Chasey.”

“You don’t have to be,” he murmured, kissing the top her head. “Kimmie, I love you. I want to prove it to you. I know I hurt you, I know how badly I screwed up, but give me another chance. Let me fix this.”

“Anything Chase, anything, just please don’t leave again.”

“I won’t,” he promised, “I won’t, I want this, I want you. But we have to do it right. We need to go back, and slow down and build a relationship, a real one, one that will last. Will you let me do that?”

She nodded slowly.

“Sleep,” he murmured. “I’ll stay with you tonight, you just get some sleep. We’ll figure everything out in the morning.”

Kim stared at her reflection in the mirror, jumping when the door buzzed. She answered it quickly, giving Chase a nervous smile that mirrored his own.

“You look beautiful,” he murmured, steeping into the apartment.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded, following him to the car.

They exchanged recent stories about Jack, Chloe, and baby Tony on their way across town.

“Park here,” Kim requested. “We can walk that way.”

After parking the car Chase took her hand, leading her towards the restaurant. It had always been one of their favorites, barbeque on the beach.

“I hope you’re not disappointed,” he murmured. “I hope you weren’t hoping for something nicer.”

“It’s perfect,” she said quietly, following him to the restaurants’ deck overlooking the ocean.

“I thought we wouldn’t be so nervous here,” he explained with a chuckled. “Not that that’s actually working.”

“You’re nervous?”

“I want this to work Kim. I want you to have a good time.”

“I am having a good time,” she assured him, reaching across the table to take his hand.

They watched the sunset as they ate their food, walking along the beach back to the car.

“How’s Angela,” Kim asked.

“Good. Last week she decided to teach her entire class where babies come from.”

Kim laughed as Chase wrapped am arm around her and pulled her against his body.

“I want you to spend time with her. I know we agreed that we wouldn’t tell anyone what was going on between the two of us, but she misses you Kim.” He sighed. “I want things to work between us, but even if they don’t for some reason, I want you to be a part of her life.”

Kim took a deep breath before answering. “I’d love to.”

It was dark by the time Chase pulled into a parking spot in front of Kim’s apartment building. He leaned across the seat to kiss her, tenderly at first but soon more deeply. Soon she was pushing herself out of her seat and climbing into lap, his fingers slipping under the hem of her shirt.

“I feel like a fucking teenager,” Chase muttered when he pulled away to breath.

“You could come inside,” Kim offered.

He shook his head. “I should go.”

“Chase,” she said softly.

He reached out to cup her face, kissing her softly to erase the hurt look. “I would love to come upstairs, but we agreed. We’re going to do this right, and slow.”

“You’re sure?”

“God,” he groaned when she shifted on top of him. “Kimmie, I want to treat you right.” He placed a chaste kiss on her lips and helped her out of the car. “I’ll call you later.”

“After you take a shower,” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“Mommy Kimmie,” Angela squealed, jumping into the woman’s arms when Chase opened the door. “We’re going to buy a puppy.”

“That’s what your daddy told me,” Kim laughed, hugging the girl tightly.

“And I get to name him,” Angela continued.

“Wow,” Kim said, carrying her to the car. “Very exciting stuff.”

“Daddy said that Audrey was a good name for a girl dog.”

“I don’t know that Chloe would like that very much,” Kim said, shaking her head.

“I think we need to get a boy dog anyway,” Chase muttered, climbing into the driver’s seat.

“Girls too much trouble for you,” Kim teased.

“I just get tired of always being outnumbered,” he countered.

Angela was hanging from both of their hands when they entered the pet store, practically jumping with excitement. Chase took her to look at the puppies while Kim stood behind them, smiling at the girl’s squeals and laughter.

“You have a beautiful family,” the sales clerk told Chase as he checked out, nodding to Kim and Angela, who were playing with the newly acquired puppy named Ace.

“Thanks,” he murmured. “I’m a lucky bastard.”

“Nice to see you really stuck to your guns about the dog not sleeping in Angela’s bed,” Kim whispered when they stepped out of the little girl’s room and into the hallway.

He sighed. “I’m a sucker for that trembling lip thing you girls all seem to do.”

Kim led the way downstairs. “I should go.”

“You could stay for awhile.”

“I can’t spend the night Chase. Angela would be confused…hurt. Disappointed.”

“I promise to be a gentleman,” he murmured, lacing his fingers through her. “Mostly. You can even keep most of your clothes on. And you’ll home before you carriage turns into a pumpkin.”

“You’ve gotten very well versed on Cinderella,” she giggled as he pulled her onto the couch.

“I could answer any and all princess questions you might ever have,” he grinned, kissing her nose.

“Maybe I’ll give you a quiz.”

“What’ my prize?”

“That doesn’t seem like a very gentlemanly question.”

“I said mostly gentlemanly,” he reminded her, nibbling on her earlobe.

Kim laughed, rolling her hips over his, his groan and bodily response causing heat to coil in her stomach. Her fingers rested in his hair and she tilted his head back when she started to kiss him, urging his mouth open so her tongue could mix with his.

His hands moved to her ass, increasing her rocking movements on top of him.

“Kimmie,” he groaned, “God Kim. You’re gonna be the death of me. I want you so fucking bad.”

“So take me,” she challenged.

He brought his hands to her hips and held her in place. “Not yet.”

“Chase,” she groaned.

“Soon,” he promised. “Really, really soon.”

Chloe didn’t find Jack in their bedroom after getting Tony to sleep.

“Jack,” she called quietly down the hallway. “Jack,” she repeated, walking downstairs.

She stood in the middle of her living room, frozen in a state of shock at the candles lit on every possible surface.

“What’s going on,” she asked when Jack finally appeared.

“I made you dinner.”


He chuckled. “Because I love you. I thought we could have a nice dinner.”

She frowned and followed him into the dining room, also covered in candles, the table set for the two of them.

“I made all your favorites,” he murmured. “Sit. Eat.”

“You know you don’t have to go to all this work just to sleep with me,” she muttered.

He chuckled. “I wanted to do something nice for you. Please sit down and eat something Chloe.”

She sat down and slowly started chewing the food, smiling when he placed a piece of chocolate cake in front of her at the end of the meal. “This was nice,” she admitted.

“Maybe we can start having date night after he falls asleep,” Jack murmured, letting her relax against his chest.

“I’d like that.”

“Chloe,” he started, moving from behind her and kneeling in front of her chair, “I’ve been waiting to ask you this for so long, trying to get it just right. You make my life worth living. I love you more than I ever imagined I could love again. Will you marry me?”

Chloe stared at him, and at the ring in his hand. She reached out to stroke his cheek, “Jack,” she whispered, “I know you love me. And I love you. I don’t want to marry you just because I had your baby. But it’s sweet that you asked.”

“Chloe…are you sure,” he asked softly.

She nodded, kissing him. “Let’s go to bed before Tony wakes up.”

Chase shifted on the couch, trying to keep his eyes open and pay attention to the movie that Kim had picked out. At least she seemed to be enjoying it. Her head was resting on his chest, a blanket thrown over both of them.

The next time he opened his eyes the screen was blank and Kim’s breathing was slow and rhythmic against his chest. He moved slowly, carefully, lifting her into his arms and caring her to the bedroom.

She woke up, her eyes wide, searching his face, confused for a moment.

“What time is it,” she finally asked.

“A little after three.”

“Where’s Angel?”

“Spending the night at Jack and Chloe’s. Part of her birthday present, remember?”

Kim rubbed her eyes. “So you don’t have to leave?”

He shook his head. “Do you want me to stay?”

She nodded, pulling him into bed with her and curling up on his chest.

“I love you,” he murmured as she pulled the blankets over them.

“I love you,” she said, stifling a yawn, her eyes already closed.

When Chase woke up sunlight was steaming through the windows and Kim had thrown off the blankets, sunning herself on top of him like a cat. He grinned, kissing the top of her head, was reward by her brilliant smile when she tilted her face to his.

“Morning,” she said softly.

“Morning,” he murmured, kissing her softly. “God you’re beautiful.”

She gave him a shy smile before rolling onto her side, propping her head up on one arm and tracing random patterns over the skin of his chest with her other hand. “I’m glad you stayed.”

“I am too,” he said, leaning forward to kiss her softly.

“Can you stay for breakfast?”

“Mmmhmm,” he murmured, kissing her more deeply, cradling her face in his hands. His fingers traced her cheekbones tenderly when she pulled away. “I love you Kimmie.”

He eased her onto her back carefully, hovering over her body.

“I love you,” she said softly, staring straight into his eyes, her fingers tugging at his hair.

He pushed her tank top up until her stomach was exposed and moved slowly down her body, pressing his lips to her soft skin. His tongue darted out to trace her belly button and he chuckled when she shivered underneath, the vibrations causing heat to pool just under her skin.

“I missed you,” he whispered, his breath ghosting over her skin as he pushed the thin material of her shirt further up her body.

“I missed you too,” she gasped. “Chase…don’t make me wait any longer. Whatever you needed to prove, you did. I trust you. I love you.”

“No more waiting,” he agreed, pushing the tank top up over her breasts.

She grabbed the material and tugged it over her head, tossing it to the side carelessly as he started planting kisses on one breast.

He took the nipple in between his teeth and bit down lightly, smiling when she moaned, her fingers twisting in his hair as he moved to the other breast, lavishing the same attention on it before moving to her shoulders. He kissed and licked his way down one arm, taking each of her fingers into his mouth and sucking lightly.

He switched hands, starting with her fingers this time and moving up to her neck, nipping and biting at it before suckling one spot.

“You’re gonna give me a hickey,” she laughed.

He chuckled. “We’ve been acting like teenagers for so long, it just felt natural.”

She nudged him up until she could kiss him again, a deep bruising kiss that ended with her biting at his lips. Her hands snaked under his pants, pushing them down as her tongue tangled with his.

He moved back to her stomach, kissing the edge of her pants as she twisted underneath him. He pulled her pants down and she wiggled out of them, kicking them off and to the side, leaving her in a pair of pink lacy panties.

“Pretty,” he murmured, placing a kiss over the material.

Kim pushed her hips up towards him. Her hands moved to his head to keep him against her. She wiggled her hips to urge him to remove her panties, but he ignored her, instead he concentrated on kissing every inch of the material.

“I like these,” he grinned. “Very pretty.”

“You mentioned that,” she muttered.

His fingers finally slid under the band, pulling the material down maddeningly slowly. His lips followed the thin material, starting at her inner thigh and moving down her leg, stopping at her ankle.

“You have really beautiful ankles,” he informed her.

“Why thank you,” she giggled. “Are you ever gonna fuck me?”

“Is that what you’ve been waiting for,” he smirked, crawling back up her body.

She wrapped her arms around him and tugged until his body was flush against hers. He positioned himself between her legs, his eyes on her when he started to push inside her slowly.

Her fingers gripped his shoulders tightly as he started to move.

“You okay?”

She nodded. “I missed you.”

He smiled at her, kissing her softly. “I love you Kimmie. I’m not leaving again. I promise.”

Soon she was matching him thrust for thrust, their movement started slow and built, like they’d never been apart. He reached down to rub over her clit, kissing her deeply at the same time.

She moaned into his mouth, ramming her hips against his more quickly, the rhythm she created urgent.

Her body tightened around him and her hands went slack as he followed her over the edge, kissing her again.

“I love you,” he murmured as he rolled off of her and tugged her to his chest, his fingers pulling through her hair.

“I love you,” she whispered back, curling her body around his.


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